Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pertama kali mencoba membuat Macarons dan inilah hasilnya....

Resipi ? ~ sesiapa yang ingin mencoba silakan..


125 g almond meal
150 g icing sugar
100 g caster sugar
3 egg whites (100 g)

~In a food processor grind the almond meal and icing sugar until very finely ground.
~Place the egg whites in an electric mixer and whip the whites until soft peaks.
~Add the sugar, 25 grams at a time while the egg whites are being beaten.
~Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks.
~Fold the ground almond meal mixture, food colouring into the egg white mixture in two additions until fully amalgamated.
~Pipe on to baking trays which have been lined with baking paper.
~Let the macarons dry for around 30 minutes until a "skin" form.
~Bake in a pre heated fan forced oven (150c) for 15 minutes.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe

200 grams dark chocolate
200ml Cream

~Chop the dark chocolate into even pieces (the smaller the better)and place in a bowl.
~ Heat the cream until starts to boil.
~ Pour the cream into the bowl of chocolate and let rest for 1 minute.
~ With rubber spatula, mix the ganache fully.
~ Cool and let it set in room temperature.

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