Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nasi Mendey

      2 tablespoon cardoman pods
      2 tablespoon cloves
      2 teaspoon black pepper
      1 whole nutmeg
      1 table spoon deride ginger
      4 bay leaves


      1 chicken cut into 4pcs

      2 tablespoon mendey mixed spices

      3 cups basmati rice

      1 tablespoon butter
      1 large onion-finely chopped
      1 small tomato - finely chopped removes seeds
      4 whole cardoman pods
      6 whole cloves
      6 black pepper corns
      4 1/2 cups water or chicken stock


      Rub spices and salt all over the chicken, place it in a pan, cook chicken until tender and brown about 40 minutes

      Saute onion and butter until tender and brown, add water spices, salt,rice stir boil then add chopped tomato, simmer cover cook on a very low heat about 20 minutes.

      Serve it with green salad or yogurt with cucumber and mint, dill and tomato chutney.

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